Hadilaw.com 90% Increase In Organic Clicks In 3 Months

The Background

HadiLaw.com is a distinguished legal firm that specializes in providing “honest and affordable advice, representation, and legal services” across England and Wales. Founded in 2011, Hadi Law Solicitors targets individuals and families in need of legal assistance, particularly in areas such as immigration, personal injury, and motoring offences. They have approached us to enhance their online visibility and reach a broader audience through SEO services​.

Keywords, Bidding & Targeting

Our approach began with thorough keyword analysis, tailoring our focus to the specific legal expertise of the firm. We worked on multiple keywords such as “Affordable legal services England”, “Family law advice England”, and other variations. By working in partnership with the team at HadiLaw.com, we identified the most relevant conversion keywords that not only matched their service offerings but also catered to their geographical focus areas.

The Campaign


We began by conducting an extensive SEO audit, meticulously identifying any technical issues. This crucial first step laid a strong foundation for our subsequent SEO strategies, ensuring optimal performance and effectiveness.


We then focused on refining on-page elements, encompassing updates to meta titles, descriptions, URLs, and standardizing language variations. Additionally, we enhanced the website's internal linking structure and offered UX suggestions to improve content arrangement and overall user experience, ensuring a more engaging and SEO-friendly website.


Our seasoned strategist crafted a detailed content plan, focusing on creating authoritative and engaging material for targeted pages. This approach was informed by thorough research on relevant topics and a deep analysis of competitor strategies, ensuring our content stands out in both quality and SEO effectiveness.


Our expertise in the legal industry, we recognized the critical role of Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness (E-A-T) in shaping our digital presence. That's why we introduced comprehensive author biographies on hadilaw.com, significantly bolstering the site's credibility. To further reinforce hadilaw.com authority and reliability in the legal sector, we've been diligently executing a robust backlink strategy, consistently acquiring high-quality links every month to enhance our SEO and online reputation.

The Results

The achievements have been exceptional. HadiLaw.com experienced a notable boost in organic traffic, with a precise 90% uptick in clicks and over 4,000 keywords advancing in rankings. Our key targeted keyword attained the pinnacle position on Google, with several variants also securing spots on the first page.

Impressively, this success persisted through four significant Google algorithm changes from August to October 2023, encompassing two core updates, underscoring the resilience and efficiency of our SEO tactics. The “Google change” column’s green arrows highlight the remarkable ascent in rankings since the inception of our campaign, with some keywords leaping from page 10 to the forefront of page 1.

The amazing thing is that this increase in rankings has led to a massive 90% increase in organic clicks and 130% increase in impressions.


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